Shamrock has been sailed and lovingly maintained over the years by distinguished crew members from a myriad of ports around the globe.

Today she is managed by a full time team of industry professionals that work hard and play hard together both on and off the water. Captain Nick Ryan has created a well balanced work environment on board and as a result the rate of attrition amongst crew members has remained low.

Many of the full time crew and all of the race crew have been sailing together for some years now and this continuity is plainly evident while cruising and racing. The crew of Shamrock V functions as a team and this team attitude contributes to the incredible experience one can expect to have on board.


Nick Ryan Skipper
Graham Cappell First mate
Johann Visser - Engineer/sailor
Rob Harrison - Engineer/sailor
Ian Aitchinson - Sailor
Timmy Anderson - Sailor
Katie Base - Stewardess/sailor
Douce Raby - Stewardess/sailor
Guen - Chef/sailor

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